Welcome to Mathematics at Erskine Park High School! These pages aim to provide students and parents with information regarding mathematics at our school and beyond. The pages contain teaching programs, homework downloads, assessment schedules and links for the various mathematics courses taught at EPHS.


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The Staff of Erskine Park High School would like to announce a fabulous new initiative just introduced into our mathematics teaching programs. We have registered all of our students to use the fabulous teaching/learning resource at, and due to a sponsorship deal secured by the program designers and administrators, it has been made available to our entire school community FREE of charge.

Some of the features that this program has are as follows;

  • Full lessons for each concept with a voice over and numerous examples of varying difficulty. Every lesson has a pause and rewind facility to help students grasp concepts at their own pace.
  • Every lesson has an accompanying printable worksheet to consolidate the concept, with full worked solutions provided also.
  • A student’s ongoing use and progress in the program is stored for theirs and their teacher’s perusal at any time.
  • The program can be accessed from any internet ready site, not just at school.
  • The entire Year 7 to 12 program is available to every student, not just their particular year group.

Given that the program covers most of the concepts that we teach, and as good as this resource is, the school wish to make it clear that it was never intended by its creators to replace the good work that our mathematics teaching staff already do. This program is best used as a support/supplement to the classroom teaching/learning experience.

An Overview

Mathematics involves the study of patterns and relationships. It requires observation, representation, investigation and the comparison of patterns and relationships in social and physical phenomena. At an everyday level it is concerned with practical applications in many branches of human activity, and at a higher level it involves abstraction and generalisation.

Mathematics education provides opportunities for students to develop their numeracy (basic skills), and to be able to solve mathematical problems, to communicate and make informed decisions after analysing data.

The Mathematics teaching programs at Erskine Park High School aim to develop mathematical skills and confidence in students appropriate to their level of development. Students are assessed during the year to determine which outcomes they have achieved in or are still developing. Students are given feedback from the teacher on their performance on an individual level and grade level.


Students are encouraged to persevere with their studies and seek help from any member of the mathematics faculty when the need arises. Students are able to make a time with any teacher to arrange to receive assistance or just to knock on the staff room door either before school, recess or lunchtime. It is imperative that students are taking responsibility for their own learning and that they strive for their personal best in everything they do.


Students need to be prepared for every lesson at high school but in mathematics we have some extra equipment needed. In all years you need a geometry set, an exercise book specifically for mathematics, pens, pencils and eraser. In years 7 to 12 a scientific calculator is imperative, even though we still ask students to do basic skills questions without a calculator, the work on certain topics requires a calculator. Most scientific calculators are acceptable, the school office sells one type for a reasonable price if not any department store will usually stock these as well. Year 11 General Students would also benefit by having a graphics calculator to access the program, the Board of Studies designed the course with the thought students would use a graphics calculator to help their understanding.


Years 7 & 8

Mathematics Stage 4

Year 9 & 10

Stage 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 and Life Skills

Year 11

Life Skills, General Mathematics, Mathematics and Mathematics Extension 1

Year 12 (HSC)

Life Skills, General Mathematics, Mathematics, Mathematics Extension 1 and Mathematics Extension 2


The Mathematics teaching programs at Erskine Park High School implement the NSW Board of Studies syllabi. These syllabi target the strands of number, algebra, measurement, trigonometry, functions and relations, chance and data, and calculus.


Homework is a means of consolidation, extension or enrichment of the work that is studied in Mathematics lessons. Homework is set regularly (usually each lesson) and is a compulsory part of a student's workload. Homework is followed up regularly, and students found to be neglecting to complete their homework will have a note sent home, informing their parents/carers of the situation, and encouraging completion of the work in question.

Australian Mathematics Competition

Thursday August 5, 2010. Please remember to bring a pencil, eraser and a book to read if you think you will finish early. Enrty has now closed for this years competition.

Australasian Problem Soving Olympiad

Throughout 2009 a year 7 and year 8 class will be competing in the Australasian Problem Solving Olympiad. This will give students a chance to challenge themselves as individauls and as a team against other schools throughout Australasia. During the year the teacher's will be using challenge questions periodically to encourage students to use appropriate problem solving strategies when given an unfamiliar question. Please ask your Mathematics teacher for information about how to enter or go to for more details or sample questions.

Revision for Assessments and Tests

In 2010 the Mathematics faculty will be trying to help families by placing some revision for the assessment tasks and tests on our website. To ensure parents are able to view this revision and students don't have to find revisions sheets and have lots of paper to file. Approximately two weeks before the assessment task or test we will place revision sheets in PDF form in the link below in the table of faculty downloads. Students are encouraged to complete the revision and ask their teacher or any member of the Mathematics faculty for help if they are requiring any assistance. Solutions will also be placed in the table. Students don't need to print out the revision but may like to do so and attach their working out, then place these in a folder to help with futher study later in the year. Please encourage your child to complete the revision and if needed to seek help or more revision from the Mathematics faculty.